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True or false: UFO whistleblower claims non-human remains were found at a crash site

By Hanju Park

September 16, 2023


[Photo credit : CBS News]

A former U.S. Intelligence officer David Grusch recently claimed that there were non-human remains at the crash site of an unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP). He said that he was “absolutely” certain the US government possesses non-human vehicles for further research and discoveries, and they are hiding the fact. Something skeptical was that he refers to those creatures and remains as “non-human” rather than by using common terms like “alien” or “extraterrestrial”. His specific choice of diction led the citizens to interpret his speech in various ways: whether those “non-human biologics” actually exist within earth or those creatures that we usually say “aliens” are largely different from how they look.

Covering US national security and foreign affairs, the session where the whistleblower officially spoke about the issue was held by the House Oversight Committee. David Grusch attended the session alongside two former fighter pilots who had experience with the UAPs. Throughout the session, GOP Rep. Nancy Mace of South Carolina asked various questions about the US government’s veiled project on the UAPs and the presence of “non-human” beings on the crashed UFO (unidentified flying object) sight. Mr. Grusch, the whistleblower, committed that he had not personally spotted a UAP, but he delivered astounding information that his colleagues were injured by them, which led to 40 witnesses over four years.

“I was informed in the course of my official duties of a multi-decade UAP crash retrieval and reverse engineering program,” Grusch said that his role in the Defence Department was to analyze reported UAP sightings and support the US government’s program to reconstruct the crashed UAP that was discovered. The concealed programme by the government started in the 1930s, when the US government was aware of exterritorial activities.

[Photo credit : CNS news]

Ryan Graves, one of the former fighter pilots, described the “routine” interactions with UAP, and David Fravor, a retired navy commander, cited his encounter with a UAP during his routine mission over the Pacific. David explained the UAP that he spotted had a large, white, oval shape and displayed physics-defying moves before confusing the aircraft’s radar. On the other hand, Graves recalled his encounter with UAP during his stay in Virginia Beach and described that the UAP looked like a dark gray or black tube within a clear sphere that hovered motionless against the wind, which strikingly contradicts the sightings of David.

But the most crucial comment from the pilots was that “those sightings are not rare or isolated, they are routine.” Pilots strongly asserted that most of the military aircrew are frequently witnessing those phenomena, supporting the claim of Grusch towards the existence of “non-human” critters.

Due to the session, the witnesses and lawmakers suggested the government improve the reporting system of both military and commercial pilots to further collect evidence about the UAPs. Grusch and two former pilots, the whistleblowers, pressed the US government to make an advanced solution on those frequently-spotted UAPs rather than hiding every detail or issue from the public.


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