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The Future of Vertical Turbine

It has been known for several decades that the Earth needs to shift its focus towards the use of renewable energy due to rising concerns regarding the limited amounts of nonrenewable energy, such as fossil fuels and natural gas. Because people are worrying that renewable energy like wind turbines may not be too efficient as a source of energy, scientists and engineers have been trying to come up with creative ways to prepare renewable energy for the next generation.

What exactly are vertical turbines?

Vertical-axis wind turbines are turbines that have the main rotor set vertically to the wind (From bottom to up) and their other main components located at their base. This is special by how vertical turbines don’t need to point into the wind, therefore preventing the need for complex wind-sensing and orientation mechanisms. Other terms for vertical turbines include transverse axis wind turbine and cross-flow wind turbine.

[Photo credit: Treehugger]

Are vertical turbines more efficient than traditional turbines?

The short answer is yes! Due to their design that allows a lower turbine center of gravity and machine complexity as well as their small size that would take less space, vertical turbines would indeed reduce the cost of wind energy and be more efficient than traditional wind turbines. Additionally, vertical wind turbines require less maintenance since they contain fewer parts that may cost humans a significant amount of money. However, as the wind approaches the front row of the vertical turbines, turbulence will be generated, which may negatively affect the performance of those turbines. Although this may be one flaw that exists upon vertical wind turbines, the fact that their creative design is meant to be more cost-efficient has already proven to scientists and engineers that traditional wind turbines may no longer be as effective as these new sources of wind energy.

How would vertical turbines impact the world?

According to the Global Wind Report 2021, countries must install wind power resources three times faster over the upcoming ten years to avoid the worst consequences of climate change and scarcity of energy from the rapid rise of the human population. With that being said, the use of vertical wind turbines would create a rather immense impact on society’s need for energy based on renewable resources and contribute to making the rapid installation of efficient resources that would replace those that are nonrenewable possible in the next decade or potentially sooner.

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