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Technology behind the new 2022 Formula 1 car

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Without a doubt, 2022 Formula 1 cars will be a revolutionary masterpiece to the history of racing and aerodynamics. Its changes in safety, airflow, environmental responsibility and technology have been a major breakthrough that will increase competitiveness. But, why should you trust me? Well, see it for yourself and at the end of this article you decide what to think about it.

Some things that need to be understood beforehand is that the aerodynamics of this car have been completely redesigned to maximize downforce when chasing other cars. Thi makes them less unstable and able to push for a greater amount of time. This changes its loss of downforce from 35% to 4% between 2021 and 2022 at 20 meters behind another car; and 46% to 18% at 10 meters behind respectively. The redesign of the front wing, over-wheel flaps, base floor and air ducts at the side and back of the car will help immensely to eradicate this phenomenon that makes it very difficult to overtake places and drive behind another car.

The base floor is an old fashioned feature that comes back from the 70s with a lor to offer to the sport. Its main purpose relies on the ground force generation and aerodynamics to leave “clean air” for the car behind. This feature was taken out of competition after engineers found out that it created a load of turbulence during corners and was risky for drivers to run into a bump in the track or across the chicane.

On the back of the car, the rear wing will serve as a wind dissipator with a much more simple design for the 2022 cars, its rounded edges and curved upward wings takes the “dirty air” out of the track to avoid causing turbulence to the drivers behind. This new design could limit or eliminate the use of the DRS on track. However, this prototype is still not completely finished.

Other features such as wheels have been redesigned completely to make them more durable, less expensive and more environmentally friendly. For instance, wheels will pass from 15 to 18 inches and will use covers to reduce air turbulence. Moreover, Pirelli has committed to make more durable and efficient tires which reduce consumption and thus pollution from rubber. These changes will reduce the tires' overheating and its interactions with the air that cause turbulence to other cars.

In terms of environmental practices, the FIA (Federation International Automobile) has decided to increase the percentage of ethanol in their cars to make a more sustainable fuel. As all of these features change in the cars; safety has also been a matter of extreme importance to teams and engineers inside the project. With an increase of 5% of the total mass of the car, and after the incident at Bahrain Grand Prix involving Romain Grosjean. Cars will now be required to withstand 15% more force at front and rear impacts.

Having seen all these new features, now you are able to make a decision for yourself. Is the F1 2022 car a revolutionary design for the sport? Regardless of your answer, it is true that this machinery and team of engineers never ceases to amaze us with their technology. And with more than 7,500 simulations of more than 16.5 hours, it is clear that this horse is nearly ready to run into track.


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