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OpenAI Next Big Thing: Cod

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

By Geena Baide
December 29, 2021

There’s a new, innovative tool created by GitHub that can auto generate code for you, using a model replicating GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) another model that uses internet data to convert small sizes of input text into relatively complex lines of code. And it’s called… Codex!

[Photo Credit: GitHub]

Codex AutoGenerating Abilities

Codex can do much more than just auto generating code from a small set of input text, though this is valuable because it will correctly predict and at least thoroughly attempt to analyze larger and more complete functions than just classical autocomplete. It is able to work with standard English, French, and can convert HTML into Python, which proves useful when solving Python puzzles.

For starters, Codex can easily solve 1st grade math problems. Just (Ctrl + C) and (Ctrl + V) the question as a prompt, and it will compute the solution for you in the console.log.


Codex has the ability to receive HTML files as a form of input and host it with a Python server. The Codex auto generator regularly works with Python, HTML, and many other programming and regular languages.

Auto Generators Of the Future

Thanks to codex, it’s possible to create new code templates and personalize them as you’d like, with little to no effort required, as well as an AI assistant that will lead you every step of the way for any coding project that’s on your mind, no more half-finished coding projects with Codex!


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