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Humanoid Robots: Expanding The Potential Of AI

Updated: Jan 27, 2022


When people think of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the major image that pops up in their heads is that of a robot gliding around and giving mechanical replies. There are many forms of AI but humanoid robots are one of the most popular forms. They have been depicted in several Hollywood movies and if you are a fan of science fiction, you might have come across a few humanoids.

Humanoid robots are professional service robots built to mimic human motion and interaction. Like all service robots, they provide value by automating tasks in a way that leads to cost savings and productivity. Humanoid robots are a relatively new form of professional service robots. While long-dreamt about, they’re now starting to become commercially viable in a wide range of applications.

Initially, the major aim of AI for humanoids was for research purposes. They were being used for research on how to create better prosthetics for humans. Now, humanoids are being created for several purposes that are not limited to research. Modern-day humanoids are developed to carry out different human tasks and occupy different roles in the employment sector.

Humanoid robots are also being used in the inspection, maintenance, and disaster response at power plants to relieve human workers of laborious and dangerous tasks. Similarly, they’re prepared to take over routine tasks for astronauts in space travel. Other diverse applications include providing companionship for the elderly and sick, acting as a guide and interacting with customers in the role of receptionist, and potentially even being a host for the growth of human transplant organs.

There’s a wide range of tasks a humanoid robot can automate, from dangerous rescues to compassionate care. The ways in which these robots are deployed are constantly expanding, and as the underlying technology improves, the market will follow suit.

Humanoid robots are here to stay and over time, with AI making progress, we might soon find them everywhere in our daily lives.

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