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What is GSYJ-Iris?

The basis behind GSYJ-IRIS, a humanitarian advocacy project, is to exploit the voice and power students hold in alleviating humanitarian issues occurring in the status quo and to demonstrate that being intrigued by STEM doesn't equate to being blind and negligent of the world around us.

The iris, a structure in our eye, consists of 240 different aspects that make it unique, nearly 5 times of that of a fingerprint. Hence, despite coming from radically different cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds, the GSYJ family comes together to voice their opinions and raise awareness on the urgency of certain issues that merit immediate global attention.



A headshot of Michelle Bok, she is looking at the camera wearing a black shirt

Michelle Bok (2023)

Seoul International School, South Korea

Founder, President

unnamed - Mars Grayson.jpg

Umar Mohammad (2023)

Al Khor International School, Qatar

Copy Vice President


Emma Ferraro (2023)

Smithfield High School, USA

Copy Vice President

unnamed (8) - Rosalyn Brady.jpg

Rosalyn Brady (2023)

Cawthra Park Secondary School, Canada

Executive Director

A picture of Lynne Kim, with a white background

Lynne Kim (2023)

Northern Valley Regional High School, USA

Executive Director


Michelle Bok (2023)


Design Vice President

IMG_7616 - 강지원.JPG

Jeewon Kang (2024)

Saint Paul Preparatory School, South Korea

Production Manager

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